Rolfing Ten Series and Rolfing Sessions

As Rolfers, we see the body as a deeply connected system – discomfort in one area may be related to imbalance in another area – and so we work with the whole body. Rolfing is typically done over a series of ten sessions. The goal of each session is to align and balance a specific area of the body. By the end of the Ten Series the entire body has been addressed and people often experience noticeable changes both physically and mentally. The Ten Series can be done between ten weeks and ten months depending on the client’s needs. For more information on the Ten Series and each session, click here.

Though you are not required to commit to the full Ten Series, I recommend trying at least three sessions to notice changes.



For those curious about Rolfing, but not ready to commit to a session, I offer a free 20-minute consultation that includes questions, an assessment, and brief hands-on work.

Rolfing Session

A Rolfing session for clients returning to work with Madeline
65-75 minutes – $130