About Madeline

I’m Madeline Friske and I’m a Certified Rolfer. Having grown up in Madison, Wisconsin, I am excited to share Rolfing with this vibrant city. After completing my Master of Education at the University of Minnesota and teaching both abroad and in Madison, I discovered my true passion was in working with people and learning about their experience in their bodies. This led me to attend The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado and become a Certified Rolfer in 2018.

Having experienced chronic pain and anxiety from the age of 12, I have since been on a personal journey to find comfort and ease in my body. This path has led my to explore many modalities of health and wellness, including both Western and Eastern and mainstream and alternative medicine. After receiving the Rolfing Ten Series and developing a healthy movement practice, I now feel much more at ease and aware of my body. I have practiced yoga for the last 15 years and completed a yoga teacher training in 2012. Hiking, biking, dancing, running, crawling, gardening and all the movements in between have been part of my experience and I am always excited to explore new ways of moving and being.

I truly believe that health and wellbeing require us to incorporate a variety of modalities and resources. I have explored and appreciate acupuncture, meditation, strength training, massage, yoga, cupping, physical therapy, energy work, Ayurvedic medicine, visceral manipulation, craniosacral therapy, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, and Western medicine. We are all unique beings and what works for one person may not work for another. By keeping an open mind and seeing how different practices benefit us, we can develop a well-rounded approach to taking care of ourselves.

About The Rolfing Tree

At The Rolfing Tree, we (you, the client, and me, the practitioner) work to bring your body into more comfortable alignment so that less effort is required to go about your daily life. I believe that when we have an understanding of and respect for our bodies, we are better able to face life’s obstacles. Using hands-on touch, movement education, and breath awareness, we work to bring attention to existing patterns in the body and to encourage a more effortless way of being.