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Welcome to The Rolfing Tree

Madeline Friske, owner and practitioner at The Rolfing Tree, is a certified Rolfer providing Rolfing Structural Integration services to the Madison, Wisconsin area.


Curious about Rolfing? Get answers to frequently asked questions about this form of bodywork.


Find out about the Rolfing services offered at my studio in Madison, WI.

What is Rolfing?

Rolfing is a hands-on approach to the body that works to release deeply established patterns of tension and strain. Rolfing practitioners use refined and intentional touch to reshape, align, and balance the body. Rolfers work with a whole-body approach to enhance ease of movement, comfortable alignment, and overall wellbeing. Through this process individuals learn more about their body and how it functions.

Rolfing systematically addresses the entire body by manipulating its network of connective tissue, or fascia. Fascia is what gives the body its form. As it is affected by habitual movement patterns, stress, injuries, and traumatic experiences, patterns of discomfort can arise in the structure of the body. As Rolfing practitioners slowly apply directed pressure, these patterns can change and reorganize. Throughout the Rolfing series, people experience improved alignment and develop more awareness of their body, as the practitioner and client work together to reposition the structure of the body.

People of all kinds can benefit from Rolfing – infants to elders, small to large, and active to inactive. Rolfing can benefit those in pain, those seeking a deeper connection to their body, and those that want to feel better.

Client Testimonials

More at peace within and have less negativity

I went through the Ten Series with Madeline. There is real change in my posture and more ease in my alignment. No more forward-rolled shoulders or turned in ankle. I realize I am more at peace within and have less negativity. Really!


My body looks forward to future sessions

When I first went to Madeline I was a little skeptical and didn’t really understand or know what Rolfing was. Madeline was very professional explaining what it was we would be doing and why. I remember not realizing how good it felt in the moment of my first session, but later on my way home I noticed that my body was super relaxed. My body looks forward to future sessions. My favorite part is always at the end when Madeline works on my neck and shoulders. It makes me feel like a purring cat.


Healthier mind and lifestyle

As someone who suffers from chronic pain and bad posture, Madeline offers a safe and comfortable space. Not only do I leave sessions with a straighter back and looser posture, I leave with tools to self-treat as to not just alleviate from session to session but to nurture healing. Also, as someone who suffers from anxiety, the better posture and straighter back lead to deeper breathes nurturing a healthier mind and lifestyle. Madeline not only treats, but also helps you understand what the pains are to better understand the things you can do to maintain health and balance.


The beginning of my journey toward feeling less pain

I am a 71 year old woman that experienced Madeline’s professionalism. The therapy visits with Madeline were the beginning of my journey toward feeling less pain and bodily discomfort when active. I feel like a heavy weight has been gradually released and my body is feeling renewed energy. Madeline has a wealth of knowledge and a great personality. The RolfingĀ® sessions have restored my hope toward being more active and enjoying life.